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At Heritage Blasting, we specialise in mobile sandblasting and grit blasting

Incorporating over 25 years experience, our fully mobile sandblasting facility covers the whole of the Midlands. We specialize in sandblasting of all kinds of brickwork, timber beams of all types, and a wide variety of stonework.

What is sandblasting?

 sandblasting brickwork Sandblasting, or blast cleaning as it is sometimes called is the process of introducing a fine abrasive into a stream of compressed air, creating a powerful and efficient method of cleaning. It is used throughout industry to clean and prepare a variety of surfaces.

Originally this abrasive was just plain sand, hence the term sandblasting, however the use of dried industrial, or sand containing free silica as a blasting medium has been banned in the UK for many years and has lead to health issues such as silicosis and other respiratory illnesses.

Our company uses recycled glass grit as a safe alternative to traditional sand as an abrasive. The product looks very much like sand in appearance but contains none of the dust associated with sand and produces considerably less dust during the blasting process. We use various grades to suit each specific job.

 find us on Facebook have full public liability insurance and all work is carried out by ourselves - we do not use subcontract labour.

Sandblasting of brickwork, beams, stone & steel

 sandblasting brick wall

Sandblasting using glass grit - brickwork is brought back to its original state.

Sandblasting will remove even the toughest graffiti from any substance on any scale.


 sandblasting of graffiti

 sandblasting brickwalls

We specialize in barn conversions. Here we are sandblasting a barn constructed with reclaimed bricks. The sandblasting process removes all traces of old paint and cement build up.

These new oak beams were covered in saw marks and blue staining from the cutting process. We successfully removed all of these marks by sandblasting. The process also has the added benefit of enhancing the grain of the wood.

 sandblasting timber beams

 sandblasting timber beams

Sandblasting allowed us to remove many years of paint build up from these factory roof timbers. After sandblasting, the wood could be treated with preservative to protect against woodworm etc.

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We also specialise in the restoration of oak and pine beams
These photographs illustrate how old painted beams can be restored to their originality using our bespoke blasting process.

 sandblasting timber


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